Meet the founders

Picture this - a Marketing, Influencer Marketing, and a Business degree, all, striving for professional success while seeking inner peace and happiness. We've explored various paths, from meditation retreats, escapism through travels, to Ayahuasca and more. Some experiences were fulfilling, yet we yearned for daily moments of serenity. One day, on our quest for a holistic solution, we found the beauty of tea.

Brewing a cup became a meditative practice, bringing the calm we craved. That's how we uncovered tea's magic! 🍃🌟🫖

But that's just where our journey begins! We are supercharging our tea game, after all, we are fascinated by the power of adaptogens. These amazing ingredients take our teas to the next level, boosting the well-being benefits to a whole new dimension.

And that is how Dösis Tea was born! It's the fusion of wellness and vitality. We're all about self-care, mindfulness, and creating a moment of zen and joy with each cup. 

Thanks for being part of our story!


Valeria, Vanessa, and Valentina


Indulge in the world of adaptogenic tea

with our carefully crafted blends, specially curated to promote balance, vitality, and overall well-being.

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